Personnel and process consultancy

We deliberately do not use the word audit in this section, which is often associated only with lowering staff costs. We prefer counselling, The importance of counseling continues to grow with increasing personnel costs in companies. In sectors with a high proportion of these costs, the effectiveness of individual activities and processes is key.

External consultants have the ability to compare solutions from other businesses. They help to remove so-called operational blindness and bring a new perspective to current problems. They help implement audit findings. A key advantage is greater power to induce action than that available to internal employees.

An integral part of the counseling is the mapping of interpersonal relationships and the identification of motivational elements to maintain existing employees.

The main benefit of our advice is to reduce operating costs while increasing the efficiency of the company's performance.

What can we offer you?

Analysis of your organizational structure.
Snapshots of the working day.
Process map.
Analysis of personnel resources in individual processes.
Logical integration of activities into individual departments.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of individual activities.
Proposals for measures to increase efficiency.